1. Can I still get a tan with a spray tan?

Yes! You can still get a natural tan with a spray tan… however, you can also still BURN and get sun damage with a spray tan. Many of you come to see me before a vacation where you plan to spend some time in the sun, and that is marvelous, but it is so important to protect your skin from damaging rays while enjoying the warmth on your skin. Simple modifications such as sitting in the shade, wearing a hat or beach hat when outside, and using SPF instead of tanning oil will allow you to enjoy the weather while still protecting your skin! There’s no need to bake your skin when you can spend 15 minutes with me and get your tan on safely!


2/ What Time of Day Should I get a spray tan?

It is personal preference if you prefer to wear it during the day and shower it off before bed or wear it to bed and shower it off in the morning. If you are going to wear it during the day, the most important thing is that you do your workout, shower, and dishes before you do your spray tan as you cannot get wet all day – including your hands so use hand sanitizer on your palms only! If you wear it to bed make sure you do it a couple of hours before bed so that you feel dry by the time you get in bed. I personally don’t like the feeling of sticking to my sheets so I’ll just dry out naked and watch some TV and then crawl under my sheets once I feel dry enough. I wear mine both at night and during the day just depends on when I can squeeze it in. It is definitely easier to not mess it up when I sleep in it but sometimes I’m just too exhausted by the end of the day to tan myself. If I do it during the day I tend to go a little lighter so I don’t look Ethiopian when running errands or at the store. Do you like letting your tan develop better during the day or at night?

3/ Will I smell funny after a spray tan?

No, you will not smell bad after an airbrush tan at spray daze tan. Our tanning solution has a very light and refreshing cherry almond scent. After you are dry, I apply a setting powder that is shimmery and has a nice tropical scent as well, so you leave my studio a golden glowing goddess. Spray tans get a bad rep for being stinky bc of the spray tanning booths but the airbrush experience is luxurious and pleasant. Upon asking new clients if they think they smell bad they all say they smell lovely. Upon asking people who have tanned in booths to compare to the airbrush experience they say it is not even a comparison.

4/ Will airbrush make me look blotchy?

If you follow the pre-care instructions, then your airbrush tan should never be blotchy. Blotchy tans are usually the result of not exfoliating properly prior to your session.

If you have an existing spray tan it is important to use a good exfoliating mitt to get the previous tan off before spraying over it. If you do not have a previous spray tan, a gentle exfoliant with a sugar scrub or washcloth is plenty sufficient. Make sure to shower, shave, and exfoliate prior to your appointment and do not apply lotion within 8 hours of your tan. If you are getting waxed or mani/pedi do it before your tanning appointment. If you have extremely dry skin, make sure to ask about our hydrating Ph balancing spray application before your tan.

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