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A common question people ask me is “Aren’t you going to use barrier cream?”

Brittany Duckworth (Certified Spray Tanner)


A common question people ask me is “Aren’t you going to use barrier cream?” While many salons do use barrier cream, it is not required.

Barrier cream is a cream that is applied to certain areas, such as the hands and feet, before the spray tan to prevent the tan from absorbing too heavily.

The skin in our hands and feet is very thin and often just a small amount of spray tan applied to these areas can make them come out darker than other areas, even if they have less tan applied.

Using Barrier Cream Before Spray Tanning
Barrier Cream For Spray Tanning

Barrier cream can also be used on areas where the skin bunches up, such as the knees and elbows.

Barrier cream is highly effective and a good tool for spray tan artists. So why do I not use it?

After years of tanning myself, making mistakes, and contorting my body in every direction to get the perfect angle I have developed a technique that enables me to avoid over spraying on these sensitive areas. 

This does not mean that people who use it do not have good technique.

Expert Spray Tan Artist San Diego
Be Sure To Choose Your Spray Tan Artist Carefully

Many people are trained to use it. I was trained not to use it. 

With a commercial grade machine and good technique, barrier cream is not needed. 

At the end of your session I will blend you out to ensure no areas of build up leaving you with a perfectly even GLOW!

Be sure to choose your spray tan artist carefully.

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