Lifehack: Get Skinny Quick

Nothing feels better than hearing my clients say, “I look thinner and more toned with my tan!”

Brittany Duckworth (Certified Spray Tanner)


I’ve tried every diet and done all sorts of exercises out there in an effort to achieve a better looking body. 

The truth is that the only way to achieve results is through consistency which also requires a commitment of ones time. As a working single mom, free time is rare. 

I would love to spend half a day meal prepping the perfect diet plan. I would love to workout two hours per day in fun group classes with other women. 

But the fact is I do not. I eat as healthy as I can and hit the gym when time allows but it I not consistent by any means. 

The one thing I can commit to every week is a 15 minute spray tan! 

As they say, tan fat is better than white fat – and they are not wrong!

Spray Tan Slimming Effect
Spray Tan Slimming Effect

In just the same way that black is “thinning” as a color, a tan has a slimming effect as well. 

In addition, it helps to hide cellulite spider veins and other imperfections that make us want to hide our bodies. 

Nothing feels better than hearing my clients say, “I look thinner and more toned with my tan!” and “I feel more confident” and “I feel like I lost five pounds”. 

That is my favorite part of the job – helping us girls feel good about ourselves ❤️

Look Slim WIth A Spray Tan

Look and feel skinnier! Book a spray tan today!

Book online or call us today at (949) 322-3451 to schedule your spray tan in San Diego appointment!

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