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Brittany Duckworth (Certified Spray Tanner)


Living in San Diego, the weather makes it ideal to wear cute shorts and sundresses year around- provided we have a nice tan to show off. But how do we maintain it all year round? The obvious answer is to spray often, but those of us who tan often know the difficulties that come with it.

Blotches From Spray Tan

One of the biggest complaints I hear with spray tanning is the blotchiness that people get when it starts to wear off. First and foremost, a tan should never be blotchy when it is freshly applied. If it is, contact the person who applied your tan right away for correction. After 5-10 days (depending on your skin and activity level), your tan will start to fade and get blotchy in certain areas such as the inner elbow, the bra line, the ankles, and the neck. This is normal, but it can be improved!

1. Exfoliating Mitt Before Spray Tan

First off, I ALWAYS use a tan exfoliating mitt before any spray tan session. The tanning mitts remove excess tanning build-up and dead skin, leaving a smooth even canvas for your spray tan to ensure even application. This also is how you prevent getting blotchy by removing all old tan before spraying over new tan. You can also use the mitt to gently exfoliate off the problem areas (neck, inner elbow, hands) and apply the gradual tanner over those areas to blend them out. The best mitt I have found is the Dermasuri Mitt shown below which you can buy in the studio for $20. It removes tan quicker, easier, and with less scrubbing than any other mitt. Use one on each hand for even faster removal!

Exfoliating Mitt Spray Daze Tan San Diego

2. Best Lotion After Spray Tan

Second, use lotion every single day! Even twice a day if you are super diligent or have dry skin. I use Olay Ultra Moisture as shown below. You can get it on amazon or CVS or grocery stores for roughly $8

Best Lotion After Spray Tan Spray Daze Tan San Diego

3. Best Gradual Tanning Lotion

Finally, I use Norvell Venetian gradual tanning lotion starting whenever I notice my tan getting lighter, usually on day 3 or 4 depending on how dark I sprayed. The gradual tanner has a bronzer in it so it gives you an immediate color boost while also applying DHA to your skin to build onto spray tan. You can purchase this from me in the studio for $30.

Norvell Venetian Gradual Tanning Lotion Spray Daze Tan San Diego

I also offer spray tan special discounts to weekly and bi-weekly clients to help you maintain an affordable year-round tan! Happy Tanning My Glowing Goddesses!

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